Malayalam Font

Malayalam unicode font installation and setup in windows xp uses unicode fonts to display content in all the sections including malayalam. If you are not able to see the malayalam characters properly, it means that you dont have the required unicode fonts installed in the system.

Installing and configuring unicode malayalam fonts in windows xp and xp-sp2

Click here to download the font

Please note that this is an automatic font installation program. If you are using Internet Explorer, please click on “Run Button” of the download dialog box. This will install the fonts in your system.

Please click on “Run” for font installation in the following dialog box.
rachana malayalam unicode

The download progress dialog will shoup next. Wait for this to complete.
rachana malayalam unicode

Ignore this security warning and click on “Run” for font installation.
rachana malayalam unicode

Click “Yes” for rachana unicode font installation.
rachana malayalam unicode

Click on “Install”
rachana malayalam unicode

Click “OK”. Now the font is installed in your system. happy reading!!
rachana malayalam unicode

Firefox 3.x

  • Go to Tools > Options > Content tab > Fonts and colors section > Advanced button > Select “Malayalam” and set Meera as font for serif/san-serif/monospace.
  • If Indic Scripts are still appearing incorrectly, you may then use the latest version of usp10.dll on your system.

Enabling Malayalam unicode font support in windows xp

In the control panel, Double click on Regional and language options
Click on Languages Tab
Put a tick mark on “Install files for complex script and right to left languages”
Put a tick mark on “Install files for East Asian Languages”

How to enable complex script support in Windows XP SP2?

  1. Go to Start >> Control Panel.
  2. If you are in “Category View” select the icon that says “Date, Time, Language and Regional Options” and then select “Regional and Language Options”.
  3. If you are in Classic View select the icon that says “Regional and Language Options”.
  4. Select the “Languages” tab and make sure you select the option saying “Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)” by putting a tick mark on it.Regional and Language Options
  5. A confirmation message should now appear – press “OK” on this confirmation message. If no such message appears, press “Apply” and then press “OK”.
  6. You may be asked to provide Windows CD. Load the CD and allow the OS to install necessary files. Reboot if prompted.
  7. If it just happens that, you misplaced the licenced version of your Windows XP CD, go to this third party website , download IComplex installer and double click to install it. It will automatically perform all the steps as above. (This software is developed to support Bangla language community and has no connection with them. Use this option at your own risk. We are not responsible for any copyright violation of Microsoft EULA and you hereby undertake sole responsibility of the action and its aftermath.)

Want to make your font look beautiful

Double click on Display icon in control panel
Click on Appearance tab
Click on Effects button
Put a tick mark on “Use the following method to smooth the edges of screen fonts”
Select “ClearType” from the pull down menu